Stephanie Gilmore 9

Stephanie Gilmore sneaks in a near perfect 9.33 ride at the Vans US Open, check out the replay:

Ducks Nuts Custom Tails


The Mick Fanning Ducks Nuts has been a work in progress for moreĀ  than ten years now. It’s mainly been about the rocker, concave, rails, & volume as Mick’s grown with the boards.

But what I’ve really seen develop this year is the change in the tails, it’s had such a positive impact on the Ducks Nuts in a number of different ways – which is why we are making these custom tails available to you now.

The Rounded Pin Tail is the tail we put the five fin set up in, and this is the board Mick likes to take to Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti – it’s more drawn in, therefore draws better lines and holds in the bottom more.

So if you’re going to be travelling around and you need something solid under your feet, this is the one to go.

The A.S Tail is something that Mick and I have been working on most of the last two years, and this is the board he found success on when he won his third world title.
It has a slight hip about 14inches up the tail, which gives it straight longer edge – letting Mick get more speed through his turns.

This is also the board set up that Mick rode to victory at J Bay, because it’s a little tighter in the tail and with the stiff fins he opted for it made the board (only being a 5’11) hold in those great waves. This is the great all round board for the reasonably good waves in your area.

The Jay Tail is something we’ve been working on as well, this is the same tail Mick rode on his Ducks Nuts to his victory at Bells.

This tail doesn’t have the hip in it, and it’s just a little more of a rounded square slash diamond type tail. This allows the board to be a little freer, looser, carry speed more through the weaker waves.

Mick’s Ducks Nuts is very high performance with lots of rocker, lots of concave, and now with these three tails you can pick a variation that will allow you to surf Mick’s model in your waves of choice.

All these tails are the product of the time that Mick and I spend in the shaping bay to work out what we need to have the edge in the next event. With all the trial and error, this takes up to 6-12 months before we can release these updates to the public, but rest assured we have the worlds best test pilots making sure these updates are right for you.

You can download the custom Order form by clicking here, or email for more information.


Mick Fanning Wins at J Bay


DHD is more than excited to congratulate team mate Mick Fanning on his second win of the season in South Africa.

image courtesy of FCS

The waves were pumping for the final, and it couldn’t have been a better match up. Mick faced off against fellow Cooly kid Joel Parkinson, defeating him in the end 17.00 to 13.60.

Mick rode his DHD MF Ducks Nuts, bolstered by carbon reinforcement and lightened by a 4×4 Team glass job.

image courtesy of FCS

“Darren and I looked back to my boards from 2006 & 2002 (JBay victories), picked out what was working and improved the rest.” - Mick Fanning

“Mick’s current Ducks Nuts is the sum of years and years of research and development. Everything that makes the board the what it is today is based on what Mick and I have worked on together.” – Darren Handley

The Groms are Searchin


Kyuss King surfed his way to the Finals day at the Rip Curl Grom Search Huntington Beach California.

In a close fought battle in the Quarter Finals Kyuss missed out by less than a point (0.1) from progressing through to the Semi Finals.


Stephanie Gimore in Fiji


We had a great time watching Steph compete in the Fiji Pro, and we wanted to share with you a few good shots from the event.

Photos are taken by the talented Peter “Joli” Wilson

There you have it folks! Happy Gilmore looking great in the water, can’t wait to see her surf in the upcoming Vans Open of Surfing @ Huntington Beach CA this July

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Ryan Hipwood – SwellChasers


Check out these fresh frames from our friend Tim Bonython at Swellchasers/ASMF

Check out more of his big wave videos here: